Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Bryan Artawijaya Susilo became the architect of his own life with vast experience

Bryan Artawijaya Susilo was born to Indonesian parents who migrated to Australia and he was raised in Applecross, Perth there of Western Australia state. Since childhood, he was a very dedicated child who developed a very unique habit for his age of learning about the world and things around himself. Bryan started to gain knowledge from various sources like texts which included articles, blogs, encyclopaedias and other information sources that were available to him for all the times when was free.

Such activities at young age made him realize his passion for life and therefore he started taking enterprises and business very seriously from the age of 11 years only. His father’s words like “You are the architect of your own life – whatever it is you want to design, create a blueprint for it, and make it happen” always used to stay with him and always helped him get motivated in times of needs.

Bryan Susilo climbed the stairs of success rapidly one by one and achieved various feats at different life stages. Due to his hard-work and dedication, he became the Bryan Artawijaya Susilo the architect of his own life.